this time it's personal

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I want to write about me for a minute. Mostly because I never do despite my self-obsessed nature. I mean look at all these other posts about the cool techy stuff I’m thinking about all the time. I’m such a show-off 🙄

Do emoji count as punctuation? Anyway, yeah. “Me”. Who am I. What am I like? Maybe you know already, if so leave a comment! Just kidding I haven’t implemented that yet. That’s right, I wrote all of this. It’s MINE. OK so I didn’t make this whole thing, but I designed it and hacked it together, which is my modus operandi in my downtime.

Alright, enough beating around the bush.

it’s bush beating time

I feel frozen on an invisible stage. Hello, probably my only reader this month, hope you’re enjoying this, I have very little indication if any that people read my blog so you deserve a pat on the back. Go on, no one’s looking just pat yourself on the back, your secret is safe with me.

The thing is I’ve never written extensively about myself and published it. I’ve always enjoyed creative writing and through this blog I’m able to vent a little bit to satisfy that craving to scrawl words into cohesion.

They say creative writing is a good way to keep your spirits up, so this weekend I’m having a crack at it in a different way to what I do normally. Normally I sling on my Tech-Guy(tm)-approved over-sized hoodie and get my head down - hunched over my laptop piecing together some kind of coding project. I’ve realised over many many years of doing this kind of project that I’ve got a preference when it comes to building something…

it has to be creative and bring joy

priority #1 is that it has to be creative. If it’s at least a creative project, then it should give me some amount of joy already.

priority #2 is bringing the joy; as much joy as possible. This could be to me or other people, but it’s obviously better if other people benefit too. If it enables creativity then wow, I’ve nailed it.

Other things I care about the thing I’m working on:

  • it doesn’t exist (optional)
  • it’s unbelievable that it didn’t exist before
  • it does no harm

The above applies in the best possible circumstance and these things are what I strive for. But nothing exists in a vacuum, I’ve had jobs that don’t perfectly match the above and that’s ok.

But for months I’ve felt a feeling building so huge that it’s just about dominating my mental horizon. I’m ready for a change of scene and I feel so excited for it. But I feel like it’s a good time to consider, plan and not take what I have for granted.

Anyway, I feel like this is a good place to start.

I consider this to be a huge part of what makes me, “me”. This is the essence of what I want to achieve in my own life. I want to make myself and others happy with the things I create, it’s simple really.

I want to make, to make people happy