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I reached the base of the tower with the light source. This vert extends way beneath the hollowed surface, further than I can see at least, and upwards it soars up until it disappears behind itself. The outer shell is a dark matte metallic gray with grooves between the expanse of living quarters, working spaces and commercial zones that used to thrive. Towards the upper levels, some light can be seen emanating, moving with subtle activity. Or maybe it’s some automation set up for a people that no longer inhabits this place.

The slow night winds bend around and vibrate the structure, making it whistle a dull tone.

I’ve found myself a place to rest before I make a start on climbing up the interior. There are grand suspended walkways encircling each of the structures that are clustered around me. The walkways are cluttered now with a history of bustling lives, movement, with vehicles and containers and bodies - all wasting now. Covered in sand, buried in place. I feel like I can hear it how it used to be. Must be the wind.

Each of the structures has a series of entrances concealed at their base, with disused gallery entrances and grand foyers to access vert transport. I have a feeling those transports won’t be moving much these days so most of my journey will be by my own feeble limbs.

It’s possible I could make some progress during the day with these great structures protecting me from the worst of the intense sunlight.

For now though I need to rest. It’s been a long walk and this body can’t hyper compress so my only option is sleep.

Terminate recordin-