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I was woken by a creature trying to steal my rations. It has two legs and two clawed arms, and wears what appears to be a disused container as protection for its head. It’s been following me for the last 50 levels of the structure but at least it’s no longer trying to steal my stuff. It keeps making this chirping sound as if its talking to itself or possibly me but it’s hard to tell without seeing its eyes, which are obscured by the make-shift helmet.

The structure I’m climbing seems endless but apparently I’m making progress, at least assuming the space-time I’m familiar with.

The winds are getting stronger up here, the dull tone has become more of a persistent howling with only my footsteps against the sand-covered steps contrasting it.

And of course the scratching and chirping of my unlikely companion. I’ve considered disposing of it but I don’t hate the company.

So far I haven’t found anything of interest up here. The residential section was clearly the most inhabited place before the asteroid hit, judging by the number of corpses. One of the enclosures was well-stocked with supplies, so I took my chance to grab what I could to feed my “stomach”. Sad really that in this form I can’t just absorb energy from the scorching daylight. I’d be ready in a moment, but no! It takes a while for this body to process food, release the energy and honestly nothing could have prepared me for the shear inconvenience.

Still, what is there to do apart from keep oneself alive? Out here there’s nothing for me apart from my own self. Might as well keep it alive and mobile.

I would estimate 100 levels to go before I reach the flickering light, but day is coming so I’ll stay hidden in one of these once “luxury” enclosures. At least the structure still protects from the searing light.

Console, end reco-