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I made it to the ridge but there’s no light here. Turns out it was coming from a vert way out beyond the plain ahead of the ridge. I’m exhausted from the trek up but hey, it was worth the discovery I suppose. Maybe the vert is populated or maybe it’s just an ancient power grid that doesn’t require intelligent intervention. I think I’ll make my way over there soon, there’s nothing better to do around here.

Having said that the view is amazing up here on this ridge. To my surprise it’s calmer and there’s little dust, just rock carved out by millennia of gentle winds. I can hear my own breath for the first time in a while, what a strangely relieving thing. Just imagine living and breathing but not being able to even hear your own breath. It’s maddening! But here I am finally feeling peaceful in the first time in a several rotations.

Still, it doesn’t take away the loneliness. Being connected to an all-pervasive telepathic network can’t really be replaced and trust me, it’s hard going off net. At first I felt like I had been blinded to all but the things I could see in front of me and hear and touch - the original senses. But after a while I felt like I had woken up and for the first time I was just seeing the world but more than that, more like feeling it. The present moment felt tangible like I could reach out and step inside it and just breath it in. Truth be told, there’s not much here too breath in but dusty plains and rocks are the first thing I’ve really felt in probably my entire life.

Maybe there’s more to life than I could have ever known as a Sola.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up about the vert up ahead but who knows, maybe some survived.

Looks like daylight is on it’s way so I best enclose.

Console, terminate.