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“Console recording!”

So. I’m on my way to find out what this flickering light is on the ridge. It’s already taking me what, 1..2..3… 4 rotations? This really better be worth it, what with all the energy this is taking. Being held hostage in a mortal body really grinds my multidimensional gears. No telekinesis, no teleporting, no bending the rules of reality. No fun, at all. And the worst part is the lack of emotional control, I mean it’s really hard work to keep it together when you can’t just rewire your own consciousness to avoid bad thoughts and emotions. I miss that a lot. I’m getting sad just thinking about it.

Nothing can really prepare you for being mortal. It really is hard work just to you know, “live”. All this paying attention to hunger, thirst, tiredness. Making sure not to get damaged or lose all hope. It’s funny that with all this living, there’s not a lot I have to live for anymore. Maybe that’s the irony of this whole situation. Or maybe I’m just tired of tracking what might as well be a distant star perched on the horizon.

Part of me hopes there’s someone else exiled up there from a distant world. To be honest I’d be happy for any kind of life at this point

These feelings aren’t new to me, the Sola people aren’t dead inside, in fact we-… they are probably more alive than any species in this universe. But with my power gone I’m realising the raw hope that a mortal being needs to stay alive.

The light is much closer now, it’s not a star and there’s definitely something moving around it.

I’ll reach it in maybe just one more rotation. It’s getting light, time to take shelter before I get roasted out here. Maybe I’ll wait to see the sunrise.

Console, en-