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I dreampt I was living another life again. Or maybe it was a memory, a distant fragment of time or a place. It’s hard to tell when your dreams are multidimensional, let me tell you.

I was on the run, deep in an impossible city. There weren’t any streets, just towering structure on all sides into the electric dark. There were signs of life everywhere but outside, on the cold metal walkways there was only a chilling breeze echoing through the pristine construct. I could hear a deep humming, an impossible deep resonating hum that I couldn’t stop hearing. I think it was the power source driving this place.

I scrambled along walkways between what must have been vertical cities, stacked length ways but seemingly no connections between them, just supports to anchor them a fixed distance away. All the entrances to the structures seemed welded shut and I couldn’t open them, giving me no place for refuge. So searched for hours for a hole to crawl into between the cold facades, but I couldn’t even find a hole, only walls and walkways.

And who knows what all this means, eh? I’d love to know! I’d love someone to talk to you know, well you wouldn’t know, you’re just a console, some wires, a camera, a microphone. I mean you’re not even a “you” but it comforts me to say that. “You” are the closest I’ve got to a friend. And that’s properly and deeply sad, so please dear console play a me a song to cheer me up? Oh, right! I forgot, you can’t do that, that would be too kind of the Council to put me on a planet with any kind of ancient jukebox or hell maybe even an iPod. And it’s true, I could try to write my own sad music synthesizing software so that I could write my own sad song but that’s just sad you know? There’s too much sad on this dust pile as it is. I’ll think I’ll stick to my normal activities of foraging for any signs of life on this god-forsaken place like some forgotten space rover that lost contact with it’s creators decades ago.

You know, I forgot to mention I saw a small flickering light up on that ridge I mentioned before? It was as if there was some kind of fire up there, but who knows, it could have been a star or a planet or maybe the “Council-approved” complimentary nutrition supply unit was tainted with some kind of hope-giving hallucinogenic to torture me beyond what they’ve already achieved. I mean, that really would be an “A+” for effort and it wouldn’t surprise me for a second if it were true.

Well maybe I’ll check it out tomorrow, it’s only a few rotations out and I’m bored.

Anyway, thanks console. End recording.