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I dug out these photos in part to reminisce about my sweet weekend getaway in Edinburgh last year, but also to test out my new blog format.

And I could really do with a distraction right now.

The photos were taken on top of Arthur’s Seat, in the Holywood Park as I walked up to the summit. This was after I had spent a few days in Edinburgh already, and I think this was was just after I had said goodbye to a couple of good friends who just so happened to be in Scotland the same weekend.

The reason I was there wasn’t for the scenery, I was there for The Fringe, an annual comedy festival with literally 1000s of shows playing every day! This was an incredible weekend and I often look back at it and wish I was back there. In a way I think I’m grieving for the fact that it isn’t going to be held this year. After my first visit I resolved to go back every year if I could, but these plans have already been scuppered.

As I was trekking up this hill on my own, I felt like I was finding myself again and learning how to be alone but feel good.

I realised on my way down that I was late for a gig I had booked tickets for in the morning so I half-ran down the steeper side of the route circling down from the summit to.

The day after I sat in a café near the train station and contemplated the things I had thought about over the weekend on my own. One thing that I had written was a conclusion that I had reached after a lot of personal reflection. I resolved to

“do more, less carefully”.

And perhaps this inspired these photos, and maybe even the development I’m doing in order to push more of my creations onto my website.

What I’ve realised just now is that this lockdown is the antithesis of my conclusion. We must now do less and exercise more caution.

For now I will plan my escape from “carefulness” and try to stay sane whilst living with my family again.

That said, here are some unsettling photos from the before times.